Meta – Be There

For the 2022 NSAC competition, Meta tasked us with making their Meta Quest 2 headset a true college essential. 

We pitched a campaign that championed VR as a bridge between the virtual and physical realities inherent to the post-pandemic student experience. 

It won us 3rd place at the national stage, UC Berkeley’s best finish ever. 

Here are a few highlights from our pitch. 

Manifesto and Slogan

Experiential – The Metabowl
Enter the Metabowl: a competition that leans into existing school rivalries to get students to compete in the metaverse.

The Bowl will last four weeks, with each week showcasing a different app in the Quest ecosystem. By playing the game of the week, students will earn “Quest Points” both for themselves and, most importantly, for their school. By accumulating the points collectively, schools will climb up the MetaBowl leaderboard, culminating in a championship.